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Eyelash Extensions Dallas is the best way to getting those long lashes you've always wanted!

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Welcome To Eyelash Extensions Dallas!

Welcome to eyelash extensions Dallas. We know getting your lashes full and glamorous can take some time out of your day. We understand how hard it is to achieve a full lash look when your natural lashes are sparse and thin. Don’t settle for less and come see us.

We want you to feel the very best and we can help you do that with our eyelash extension application techniques. It is important to us that we give you an iconic look that will have you feeling confident. Let us lift and brighten your eyes, so you can focus on more important things during the day.

Here at eyelash extensions Dallas, we are the best option for you because we offer customized eyelash. These services include iconic eyelash extensions, glamorous eyelash lifts, and the eyelash tinting Dallas has always needed. With each service we will provide your desired look while practicing safe and clean application every time.

Dallas eyelashes

About Eyelash Extensions Dallas TX

At our lash bar we aim to give you the ultimate relaxing experience. With our comfortable beds and inviting music, it is the perfect getaway. You are sure to drift off into a peaceful rest while we make you beautiful.

We assure you that we use the safest adhesive for your eyes. It is important to us that we use top notch products that will keep your natural lashes free from damage. Your eye health is essential and we want to give the best care for your eyelashes Dallas can give.

It is our mission to provide an iconic eyelash extension application that is just for you. We stay up to date on the latest techniques to provide the best eyelash extensions Dallas has to offer. The top notch eyelash extension applications are always updating and we always want to give our clients the new and improved techniques to ensure perfect eyelash extensions.

The best lash bar Dallas has to offer values you and your confidence and we want you to know that that is how we feel about you. We are here to serve our area the best way we can through eyelash extensions. It is important to us that you leave our salon feeling better than ever. We provide services that will wake up your eyes and give you that special glow

Why choose lash extensions Dallas TX?

We are the only lash studio Dallas needs. We serve our community with respectable expertise and overwhelming kindness. With our professional products and our customized eyelash extensions, you won’t find a better place to get the best eyelash extensions Dallas can provide.

We are the best lash studio Dallas TX has because:

  1. Your desired look can be found here.
  2. We customize to anyone at any age.
  3. Our adhesive is safe and reliable around your eyes.
  4. Our salon is designed for ultimate relaxation.
  5. We treat our lash applications like art and we are meticulous.

Our professional materials and properly sanitized salon will give you a safe place to come relax. Our lash artists are up to date on state guidelines and we want to make sure your eyelash application is clean and safe.

Call us today to ensure your spot in our busy schedule. We can give you the lashes of your dreams at any time. We are here to answer any questions or concerns. We look forward to meeting you.

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What to expect from lash extensions Dallas

dallas eyelashes extensions

Our professional adhesive and tools give you the highest quality lash extensions Dallas has. We use high end products to give you high end results. You will not leave disappointed.

Our clients choose us because they feel more than welcomed in our salon. We greet everyone who walks in our door like long time friends. We want you to feel at ease the moment you walk in.

We also have a high client retention because we offer the best eyelash extensions Dallas TX can provide. Our application is tailored just for you and this gives you the customized look you need for an iconic look.

The eyelash extension process includes:

  1. Call and book an appointment as soon as possible.
  2. Arrive welcomed to your appointment.
  3. Lay back and relax while we work our magic.
  4. Flutter your eyes and check out your new lashes.
  5. Book a complimentary follow up appointment.
  6. Come back every 2-4 weeks and fill the most elegant lashes Dallas TX has to offer.

Your eyelash extension appointment is meant to feel easy and calming. We want to give you the perfect distraction from your busy life. We make sure that you can zone out while we tailor your Dallas eyelash extensions just for you.


We provide services for the best lash extensions Dallas provides, the most comfortable lash lift Dallas administers, and the most pigmented eyelash tinting Dallas TX has to offer. All of the services that we provide can be specifically applied for the look you want.

With each customized look, we give you brighter and lifted eyes to give you a youthful appearance.

Every service is luxurious and important.

Classic Lashes

Classic Full set is the perfect eyelash set for ladies with naturally full lashes that need extra length. With a lash ratio of 1 lash extension to 1 natural lash, this lash set will feel light and weightless. The classic lash technique is sure to give you an extra boost while keeping the mascara look.

Volume Full Set (2D, 3D, 4D, 5D)

A volume full set is for the ladies that want some of the most glamorous and best fake eyelashes. With an eyelash ratio of 2-5 lash extensions to 1 natural lash, your lashes will be full and fluffy. The difference between all of the volume lash options is the amount of fake lashes Dallas per fan. 2D lashes have 2 false lashes per fan and 5D has 5 lash extensions per fan. You can customize anywhere between some fullness to ultimate fullness.

Hybrid lashes

Hybrid full set is great for anyone that wants to add a little more fullness to their eyelash extensions, but still wants a more natural look. The hybrid set combines volume and classic technique to give you the best of both worlds. You can transition to the hybrid set at any appointment.

Lash Lift

An eyelash lift service is great for anyone with naturally longer eyelashes. The lash lift Dallas is similar to a perm for your hair. The best lashes Dallas applies are comfortably adhered to a silicone rod and they are semi permanently curled with a lifting solution. You can give your lashes the appearance of length and curl with this low maintenance service.

Lash Tinting

Eyelash tinting is a great option for everyone. You can choose from a wide variety of colors. We offer the safest lash tinting Dallas administers because we use elite tinting products. The process is pain free and can darken your lashes giving you the look of the best false eyelashes. It is important to tint your lashes to upgrade your lash look. This service can be done with any other service.

Eyelash Extension Removal

Eyelash extensions are able to be removed at any time. This service is quick and pain free. A removal cream is put on the fake lashes to break down the adhesive so they are easily taken off. The lash extension removal cream is nourishing and hydrating to leave your natural lashes better than ever.

Eyelash Fill

An eyelash fill is a service to upkeep your eyelash extensions. Fills need to be done consistently to ensure fullness at all times. This service takes less time to do, but it is necessary. An eyelash fill appointment is every 2-4 weeks depending on your lifestyle and at-home care.

About Dallas Texas

Dallas is a modern municipality in the north end of Texas. It is the ninth most populated city with around 1.3 million people covering around 340 square miles. The city attracts visitors from all over giving everyone so much to experience.

Dallas is known for the Dallas Cowboys, their international airport, Dallas the television show, and Texas state fair. The city ranks 6th among other cities with the most billionaires with a median household income of around $52,000.

Cities surrounding Dallas include:

  • Richardson, TX
  • University Park, TX
  • Arapaho, TX
  • Heights Park, TX
  • Lakeview Heights, TX
  • Wilshire Heights, TX

Happy Clients

WOW! I have had eyelash extensions for many years. My lash technician is the best I have ever had. She cleaned my lashes so well before the appointment. She also gave me the most natural looking set of lashes ever. I’m so happy!

Ashley B.

I am so thrilled! My eyelashes are so perfect. I got exactl the look I wanted. This was my first time here and I will be coming back.

Shannon R.

The lash bar is so clean and inviting. I knew my lashes were going to be taken care of right when I walked in. I was so relaxed during my appointment. I even fell asleep! That’s how comfortable I was.

Rene’e H.

Frequently asked questiona

Are there aftercare instructions for Dallas eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions require little care. You need to wait 24 hours before getting them wet and avoid rubbing or tugging on your false lashes. You can cleanse your lashes with a gentle soap to ensure clean eyelashes

How do I know what lashes are best for me?

Our lash team will give you eyelash extensions that best match your eye shape, lifestyle, and overall desired look. This will ensure that the lash style we put on you will be the best lashes for you.

Are there permanent eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent. Your natural lashes shed every month. This means your lash extensions come off as well. This is why lashes need to be filled.

How much do lashes extensions cost?

Eyelash extension costs Dallas differ for each service. Call our salon today to ask about pricing...

Any steps to take before my appointment?

We ask that you come to your appointment makeup free to give us a clean slate to apply lash extensions.

Are eyelash extensions near me?

If you’ve searched lash extensions Dallas, then you know we are the best salon near you.

Does it hurt to get eyelash extensions?

The eyelash extension application is pain free. We take special care to make sure you do not feel anything during your appointment.

Can you cry with eyelash extensions?

Yes, however it is best to avoid crying during the curing period which is the immediate 12 to 24 hours after getting them put in.

How many weeks do eyelash extensions last?

They typically last through a full growth cycle of natural eyelashes. Usually 6-8 weeks.

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